Upholstery For A New Home

Upholstery For A New Home

It is a very good idea to put some real thought into what furnishings and upholstery for a new home you would like when you plan on your move. So your home will stay clean, smell fresh, be comfortable and Hygenic. Most importantly, stay durable and looking new for as long as possible, all for the most reasonable price.

What sort of Upholstery For a New Home is there?

Sofas (https://www.sofa.com/), armchairs, recliners, kitchen chairs, Beds, headboards, mattresses, foot stalls, sunbeds and garden furniture. These upholsteries come in a very wide variety of materials, colours and prices and some are more comfortable and stay in better condition for longer than others.
The most popular upholstery fabrics

Upholstery For a New Home: Leather

Leather is a natural fabric made from the hide or skin of an animal. It is used very widely for upholstery. It is extremely tough and scratches and blemishes are hard to spot. Leather is also very easy to clean, it ages very well and it is extremely comfortable. But on the downside, good quality leather fabrics can be a bit expensive. And when you first sit on them, they can be cold to the touch and they are not available in too many colours.

Upholstery For a New Home: Polyester

Polyester is made from synthetic fibres commonly blended with other natural or man-made fibres. These fabrics are easy to clean, are long-Lasting and tough if maintained properly. And they are also available in a lot of colours. But the lighter colours get stained easily and when combining polyester with wool it can create a pilling effect.


Olefin is a synthetic fibre made from petroleum-based plastic pellets and can look a bit like wool and is very good for the garden. This fabric is very easy to clean and water-resistant. Making it great for the outdoors and it is very tough and long-lasting. But on the flip side, it is very vulnerable to heat and light and not available in a lot of different appearances.


Rayon is actually made out of wood chip fibres and was originally made as a copy of silk cotton and linen. These fabrics can be very cheap, highly durable and they resist moths and mildew and are pretty comfortable. But they can wrinkle very easily and scratches and blemishes can very easily be noticed.


Wool is a natural fibre made from animals and can be blended with other synthetic fibres. It’s also very soft and comfortable and it is fire resistant meaning fireproofing chemical treatment not needed. This is one fabric that is environmentally friendly. It comes in many colours and it is very long-lasting. But unfortunately wool can be highly expensive.


Acetate was originally created to imitate silk and it does not wrinkle. It can also resist humidity and it is very cheap. On the downside, this material stains blemishes and scratches easily and it’s not very tough.


Cotton is a natural fibre and is a very popular material for upholstery and can be blended with a lot of other types of fibres. It reacts very successful with colourful dyes meaning you can get a lot of variety. It is also comfortable, durable, tough and very cheap. The one downside to cotton is it can easily wrinkle.


Silk is a natural organic fibre and is usually used for luxurious upholsteries. With proper care, silk can last a lifetime and it has a luxurious look and feel. Silk also comes in a lot of beautiful colours. However, it’s one of the most expensive fabrics to buy and it doesn’t react well with pet hairs and needs to be dry cleaned.


Acrylic is a synthetic man-made fibre and when it is blended with other materials it becomes much tougher. It also makes it very good for outdoor upholstered furniture. But it really can be quite hard to clean and acrylic is highly flammable.


Linen is a very popular natural fibre used for upholstery. It looks superb, is fairly tough and it doesn’t fade that easily and it is extremely cheap. Unfortunately, it soils and wrinkles quite easily. Humidity can cause creasing and professional cleaning is most definitely advised.

We can help you with Upholstery For A New Home

Whichever combination you chose to furnish your new home with here at ‘Hervey Bay Upholstery Cleaning’ can help you keep it looking pristine. We service all fabrics and leather and can help you leave your furnishings looking brand new.

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