Hervey Bay Leather Protection

If you are buying leather furniture in the Hervey Bay area, then consider calling us to provide your new sofa, couch, dining chairs or armchairs with the protection they deserve.

Leather furniture is a great investment for any home. The durable, classic material can add warmth, comfort and style to your lounge or dining room. And, when given the right care and attention, will last you well into the future.

How our Hervey Bay Leather Protection is the Best

Leather Protection is a service we provide which will extend the life of your leather furniture, be it a couch, car seat or recliners. Our protection will safeguard the material from everyday dirt, grime and odours whilst also defending it against accidental spills that could stain and ruin it. We will apply a clear, protective layer to the leather which works by clinging to each individual fibre, shielding it from harm

Protecting the leather in this manner makes daily cleaning easier and relieves you of the worry about stains. It will keep your furniture looking new for longer, maintain its value and help keep your home looking good.

Leather comes in a variety of finishes and each one requires a different product and method to protect it. For instance, some leathers – such as Nubuck, Aniline or Suede, are far more absorbent than others and so stain far more easily. The importance of using the correct product to protect different styles of leather cannot be overstated. Using the wrong product, or applying it incorrectly, will render the protection useless or, worse, cause damage to your furniture.

At Hervey Bay Leather Protection we use only top quality products, tried and tested methods and knowledgeable staff who know how to work with all types of leather. We pride ourselves on our experience and are completely confident that, whatever style of furniture you have, we have the knowledge and skills to protect it.

Hervey Bay Leather Protection FAQ’s

No, we can protect any leather furniture of any age, although it does need to be cleaned first. Consider booking our Leather Cleaning and Protection services at the same time

We apply a clear protective layer that coats every fibre of the leather hide. This creates a barrier that stops dirt, odours and spills from soaking into the material or bonding with the fibres to leave a stain. It also increases the water-resistant properties of your couch or sofa so any spills can be easily and quickly wiped away

You certainly won’t need to clean it as often. The protective layer means that general dirt such as dust, crumbs and pet hair, will sit on the surface of the material rather than sinking into the leather. This means you can wipe it all away much easier.<br>Also, manufactures recommend that you deep clean and treat leather furniture every three to six months depending upon the style and finish. Once we apply our Leather Protection, however, this changes to every twelve to eighteen months

No the high-quality products we use are invisible and odourless once applied

Absolutely not our products are all safe, non-toxic and family-friendly

Absolutely. Leather furniture is an investment that will last you a lifetime if treated properly. Paying extra in the beginning to protect your purchase against damage will save you money in the long run from having to clean, repair or replace a stained and marked sofa.<br>Your leather furniture will also require less regular cleaning which will save you time, effort and money

We specialise in the range of knowledge required to protect all types and finishes of leather. We can work with





Pigmented leather

As well as many others. And we can protect all furniture such as

Sofas and couches

Recliners and armchairs

Dining chairs

Car seats

Love seats

Leather office chairs

These lists are not comprehensive so if your furniture or leather style is not here, don’t worry. Give us a call today and our friendly team will talk through your needs. We’re positive we’ll be able to provide the protection you require

We will have a full leather repair service available soon

We service Hervey Bay, Burrum Heads, Howard, Maryborough, River Heads and the surrounding areas

Why not give us a call and see when one of our trained professionals can come out to you?