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Choosing Leather furniture is a great idea for lounges and dining rooms. Stylish and sleek leather couches, armchairs or dining chairs can add elegance to any home. But it’s not just about the appearance, leather is a smart choice for durability too. The natural material is thick, hard-wearing, flexible and strong. This makes it more resistant to tears, holes and fraying than fabric upholstery. With the right treatment and Hervey Bay Leather Cleaning care a leather couch, armchair or dining chair set lasts you a lifetime

But over time dirt, dust, food crumbs and pet hair can become ingrained in your leather chairs and sofa. This can leave your furniture looking tired and stained, lowering its appeal and value. To keep your furniture looking its best and to extend the life of the leather, it is important to clean and condition your sofa and chairs regularly and correctly

Leather cleaning is a time-consuming process that requires a certain level of skill and knowledge. There are many different types of leather and the finishes all have different looks and properties. Some couches and sofas get pigmented and treated which adds durability, whilst some such as Suede, Nubuck and Aniline don’t receive treating and are much more absorbent

You should be using the correct methods and products when cleaning the different leathers otherwise the results can damage, stain and devalue your furniture

Why Our Hervey Bay Leather Cleaning is the Best

This is why we recommend booking us to do the job for you. At Hervey Bay Leather Cleaning our skilled technicians are experienced in cleaning all different leathers and all types of furniture. We can clean Pigmented Leather, Aniline or Semi-Aniline, Suede and Nubuck as well as many others. We specialise in cleaning sofas, couches, armchairs, dining chairs, car seat, love seats, recliners and office chairs

Our knowledgeable cleaners will inspect your furniture with you, discuss any marks, stains or damage and explain their technique and the expected result. They will then apply the correct, safe, cleanser to the leather hide which will remove all marks, dirt, stains and odours, leaving your furniture clean, conditioned and looking as good as new

Hervey Bay Leather Cleaning FAQs

If the leather is protected you can be wiping it clean of day to day spills, grime and dust. However, over time dirt and odours can become ingrained in the leather and it will need a more thorough cleaning to remove them

More absorbent forms of leather such as Suede or Aniline, you will find hard wiping clean and need more specialised methods. Proper cleaning also conditions the leather which not only leaves it looking good but prolongs the life of the furniture too

General cleaning and dusting can be done as and when it is needed. However, manufacturers recommend proper cleaning and conditioning of leather furniture every three to six months depending on the finish of the leather. Following these guidelines will give your leather sofa, couch or armchair the best care, prolong its lifespan and keep it looking at its best.

No, we only use safe, non-toxic, top-quality products that are safe not only for your leather but for you and your loved ones too.

Absolutely, all leather furniture regardless of its location should be regularly cleaned and treated. Car seats especially since they receive a lot of use and are regularly exposed to outside dirt, odours and pollution. Our cleaners are well trained in the art of cleaning leather car seats and will ensure that your vehicle is looking and smelling as good as new

We can clean all types and finishes of leather, including but not limited to





Pigmented leather

And we specialise in cleaning all furniture such as

Sofas and couches

Recliners and armchairs

Dining chairs

Car seats

Love seats

Leather office chairs

If you can’t see your leather finish or furniture listing here, don’t worry. Give us a call today and discuss your furniture with one of our friendly knowledgeable team. We’re sure we will be able to provide the service you need

We will have a full leather repair service available soon

Hervey Bay Leather cleaning services Hervey Bay, Burrum Heads, Howard, Maryborough, River Heads and the surrounding areas

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